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CISE discussed at the European Maritime Day 2023

The future of the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) and the role of the CISE-ALERT project in the transition of CISE to an operational network were the main points discussed during the CISE workshop on 24 May.

1st CISE-ALERT Consortium meeting

On the 15th of February 2023, the CISE-ALERT Consortium held its 1st meeting, with the special participation of the European Maritime Safety Agency and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. The purpose of the event was to monitor the progress of the ongoing project activities and to coordinate the upcoming work, ensuring the project implementation is on-track.
1st CISE-ALERT Steering Committee Meeting

1st CISE-ALERT Steering Committee Meeting

The 1st Steering Committee Meeting of the CISE-ALERT project took place on the 18th of January 2023 at the premises of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in Lisbon, Portugal. The event was held in hybrid form (in-person and virtual) and was attended by the SC members and EMSA’s representatives.