The CISE-ALERT project will:

  1. Enhance the cooperation between public maritime authorities (including European Commission Services and EU Agencies)
  2. Foster the uptake of CISE in view of its operationalization
  3. Promote at least two CISE services that have been developed during at the preoperational phase related to risk and incident alerting services.
  4. Address at least 3 use cases in the operational environment.
  5. Conduct and analyze an atleast-6-months trial targeting real event.
  6. Facilitate the work of operators to carry out their tasks and reduce the workload. The objective includes the sharing of maritime information, in a timely and automatic manner, in their operational (legacy) system.
  7. Automatize the exchange of information between the partners’ legacy systems using CISE.
  8. Organize and perform a demonstration event for the CISE community.