Service hydrographique et océanographique de la Marine (SHOM - France)

The “Service hydrographique et océanographique de la Marine”, as French Hydrographic Office, is in charge of acquisition, validation and diffusion of data and products of marine physic environment necessary for maritime security and safety of navigation. SHOM is also in charge of production of the French legal marine charts, and those of close partner countries. For that purpose, SHOM cooperates with 90 maritime countries in the world and especially with all its EU counterparts. It also cooperates with the different French national organizations in charge of maritime security and safety of navigation. Moreover, SHOM is the official provider for French national limits and for reference data regarding the physical marine environment (including hydrographic conditions and underwater noise) and safety of navigation. SHOM is also contributing to major developments launched by DG MARE, such as EMODnet, Coastal Mapping, and Copernicus to improve the marine knowledge base. SHOM will bring in its experience capitalized during its participation to 8 MSP projects and also in the on-going EU maritime surveillance project MED OSMoSIS. 

Supporting the project on a technical ground, SHOM will contribute on taking the lead of the task 3.1 called “Gap Analysis” and task 5.2 named “Operational activities and data collection”. In parallel to this commitment, SHOM will also contribute to the project management, the services definition and identification. At an operational level, SHOM will contribute to the Trial preparation, which will involve a commitment to the running of VIP days.