CISE-ALERT has launched its first interoperability tests

On the 9th of April 2024, Project CISE-ALERT has launched its first interoperability tests, dedicated to combatting illegal trafficking at sea. 

The Kick-off meeting was organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMOD), acting as an initiator of the scenario, and was attended by representatives of Secrétariat général de la mer - Premier ministre (SGMer), SHOM, the Italian Coast Guard, Slovenian Maritime Administration (MZl), Bulgarian Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” (EAMA) and Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli - ADM, who discussed the operational readiness and organization of the Interoperability tests.

The primary action in the implemented scenario will be to detect, monitor, and intercept vessels, suspected of illegal trafficking in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and Adriatic. The purpose of this action will be to observe the exchange of information from national or EU legacy systems, on suspicious vessels entering or sailing in the vicinity of partners’ territorial waters, through the Common Information Sharing Environment - CISE.
The interoperability tests, which will set the momentum for the CISE-ALERT Endurance Trials, will demonstrate how, with the use of CISE, critical and up-to-date information will be collected from authorities across EU countries and different sectors.

The interoperability tests between the Hellenic Ministry of Defence and the other involved partners in the illegal trafficking scenario, namely the Bulgarian Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”, the Slovenian Maritime Administration and the Italian Coast Guards, will continue until the end of this week. More potential contributors from the project partners may also join the trial during the implementation process.

The execution of the scenario is expected to be finalized until the end of April 2024.