2nd Consortium Meeting and 3rd Steering Committee Meeting

The two meetings took place on the 13th and 14th of September 2023 in Sofia and were hosted by the Bulgarian partner in the project – Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”. 

Together with representatives of EMSA, the members of the CISE-ALERT Consortium discussed the progress of the project in terms of definition and validation of the CISE services, which will be tested under the project, as well as for the status of the technical developments, implemented by each partner

The importance to involve the CISE-ALERT End-Users Community in the upcoming trials and related activities was once more confirmed by the Consortium.

During the second day of the event, the partners discussed the upcoming work, related to the trials execution and assessment and the organization of a showcase event, which will demonstrate the project results.

An important milestone in the agenda of the day was the hybrid session, held with the active participation of the CISE-ALERT End-Users, among which were representatives of different maritime-related sectors from France, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia.

The End-Users representatives were introduced to the overall objective of the CISE-ALERT project and how it will push-up CISE to its operationalization. 

The module was also supported by European Maritime Safety Agency, whose representatives demonstrated the concept and added value of CISE and discussed with the End-Users how they can effectively exchange information across borders and different sectors, by connecting their legacy systems through CISE.