Ministério da Defesa Nacional (DEFESA– Portugal)

The Portuguese Navy is a state body within the Ministry of Defence, established in the 1317, being one of the longest existing navies in the world. Its mission includes the military defence of the Portuguese territory through naval operations, in collaboration with the other Armed Forces. It also upholds several bilateral agreements and international responsibilities, like NATO, EU and UN.

However, it also has non-military responsibilities in maritime safety (Search and Rescue), fisheries inspection and regulation, illegal activities control, research and culture in sea-related matters.

With an Exclusive Economic Zone of over 1,700 km2 (the third largest in Europe), its responsibilities demand a constant maritime surveillance and readiness, mainly in the Atlantic Ocean. Several systems provide help to the operational community, as well as making partner cooperation possible and efficient. In this perspective, CISE becomes a crucial support environment to enable interagency collaboration, to better achieve its mission.

Within the framework of this project, Portuguese Navy intends to enhance its maritime surveillance awareness as well as increase collaboration with other European rescue and coordination centers, focusing on navigational warnings sharing and dissemination. It will take the Lead of the task T2.3 Service Validation (KPI), from WP2, while collaborating in several other WP, with focus on Service Definition and Implementation.