Direção-Geral de Política do Mar (DGPM – Portugal)

The “Direção-Geral de Política do Mar” (Directorate-General for Maritime Policy, abbreviated as DGPM) is a central service under the direct administration of the State endowed with administrative autonomy, established in Av. Dr. Alfredo Magalhães Ramalho, 1495-006, Lisboa, Portugal represented by Conceição Santos, Deputy Director for Maritime Policy or her authorised representatives.

DGPM was created on January 31, 2012, with the entry into force of Regulatory Decree no. 7/2012, which approves the Organic Law of the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning (MAMAOT) under the Reduction and Improvement Plan for the State's Central Administration (PREMAC), stating the aims set out in the XIX Constitutional Government Programme related to the Sea Affairs. In February 4, 2014 with the entry into force of Decree-Law no. 18/2014, was approved the Organic Law of Ministry of Agriculture and Sea that includes DGPM.

The DGPM has the mission to develop, evaluate and update the National Ocean Strategy and to design and propose a national maritime policy taking into account their different aspects, to develop the maritime spatial planning and their management considering their multiple uses and activities, to monitor and participate in development of the Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union and to promote national and international cooperation on maritime affairs.

Within the framework of this project, DGPM intends to enhance its maritime surveillance awareness as well as increase collaboration and coordination with other partners involved in maritime surveillance activities.

DGPM will focus on the definition and implementation of the services to be implemented (WP2 and PW3), the trial objectives and execution, and the showcase event. DGMP will also lead the task T6.1 Scenarios definition and development (in preparation of the Show case event).