Ministry of National Defense (HMOD - Greece)

The Hellenic Navy’s mission is to conduct the necessary maritime operations, in peace, crisis and wartime, in order to achieve the relevant national objectives, in cooperation with the other branches of the Armed Forces, aiming to contribute to the deterrence and defense, the preservation of the national integrity, the promotion of the national interests and the fulfilment of the National Defense Policy’s goals, without downgrading our commitments to international community and organizations (EU, NATO, UN etc.).

In that context, the Hellenic navy enhances maritime security awareness through bilateral agreements with neighboring countries and the participation in respective EU and NATO initiatives. The Hellenic Navy, under the auspice of the Ministry of National Defense (HMOD), conducts sea border surveillance in a 24/7 basis, contributing to the enhancement of the maritime situational awareness of the southern flank of the EU.

Greece has also developed strong strategic cooperation schemes with several states of the region as a part of bilateral /multilateral agreements and initiatives in order to safeguard the stability of the wider region.

Within the framework of this project, HMOD will contribute to the project management and the communication and Dissemination. In addition, HMOD will take the Lead of the WP4 Trial operation and all the related tasks (Trial Plan and objectives, Trial organization, Trial preparation and Training).