Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM – Italy)

The “Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli” (Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency) carries out all the tasks provided for by the Italian and the EU legislation to protect the national and the EU budget, and to strengthen surveillance and control activities on the movement of goods and travelers at land borders and in ports and airports. It is entrusted with the verification and collection of customs and excise duties in international trade, with the relevant legal disputes, as well as with the management and control of VAT on intra- Community goods circulation. The Italian Customs is responsible for fighting against counterfeiting and threats to the security and safety of citizens and it closely co-operates with EU bodies in the framework of the EU development and harmonization In the e-customs framework, the Italian Customs has invested resources in ICT innovation and organization to provide a wide range of services to streamline obligations and enhance the quality of its service.

Within the framework of this project, ADM will, like all partners, support project management and communication and concealment. On an operational level ADM is taking the lead of the WP3 “Services Implementation” and the lead of the Task dedicated to the services identification. In the wake of these first attribution, ADM will also take the lead of the VIP days preparation, which will be hold at Rome.