What is CISE?

What is CISE? 

The Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) is a network that connects systems of authorities with responsibility in maritime surveillance, with the purpose to:

  • Make existing European and EU/EEA Member State surveillance systems interoperable;
  • Enhance classified/unclassified information sharing among public authorities from different sectors through a voluntary and decentralized network;
  • Foster cooperation and create synergies among the stakeholders involved, including civil-military cooperation;
  • Avoid duplication of data acquisition, and increase the complementarity of the information and services delivered;
  • CISE seeks to further enhance and promote information sharing between authorities from seven different sectors (maritime safety and security, fisheries control, border control, law enforcement, customs, defence, and marine environment), involved in maritime surveillance.

Enhancing information exchange between maritime surveillance authorities is one of the key strategic objectives of the European Union. The development of the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment - CISE was first proposed in 2009 and has since been refined and developed with the overall legal and policy context laid out in the EU Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS).

In April 2019, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) was entrusted by the European Commission (DG MARE) with the implementation of the Transitional Phase in close coordination with the Member States, ensuring a coherent evolution of the CISE network towards an operational CISE by the end of 2023.

In the context of the above, the CISE-ALERT project will act as a catalyzer to test past, ongoing, and short-term activities and developments on CISE with one ambition – to push-up CISE from the current transitional phase to its operational state.

For more information about CISE, please visit: www.emsa.europa.eu/cise.html